Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Drum roll please . . . .

Quadruple Life is moving!

Don't be alarmed my dear friends and family, this great blog format I've been using for the last several years, (first with "BabyHautala.blogspot" and now with "QuadrupleLife.blogspot") has simply outgrown its ability to provide the groundwork and format for everything I want to be writing about.

Welcome,please, http://www.lifeontheinside.org

Everything you have enjoyed about QuadrupleLife (and MUCH MORE) can be found at my new site. Even this blog, in the same format, complete with an RSS feed, is there (under MomLife, at the top of the navigation bar).

Please feel free to transision with me as I phase out my use of blogger's template and begin blogging at my new location. Thank you for your faithful readership. I LOVE hearing from you!


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