Sunday, December 6, 2009

A cup of what???

So . . . I'm going to do a bit of unintentional advertising for Caribou Coffee in this post (despite the fact that I am a DIE-HARD Starbucks fan). Regardless, the story is worth the sacrifice in brand loyalty.

We stopped at Caribou for a cup of coffee on our way out of town earlier this week, and their new campaign for chocolate beverages is front and center on the large display windows. I jump out of the car and leave Aaron in charge of the kiddos while I run in for our beverages.

Mission accomplished, I return with coffee only to find my sweet husband in stitches in the car. I'm talking hysterical laughter. I start laughing simply because it's catchy! Once he finally catches his breath, he points to the large display in the window.

Aaron: "Hey Caleb, tell Mommy what's in that cup."
Caleb: *as strait-faced as they come* : "Mommy, there's a naughty word in that cup."

I must say, I'm a bit turned off to Guittard Chocolate these days. :)