Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kite-Flying, Memorial Day Weekend

What an absolutely glorious weekend! Not only was the weather as beautiful as I can remember it ever being on a Memorial Day Weekend, but Caleb, Ella, and I had the delight of spending a good portion of it with my sweet family at the cabin.

Caleb especially enjoyed himself as he played outside in the sun, got throughly filthly, fell off the dock into the lake (with life-vest on), and best of all, flew a kite for the first time.

I am not sure who enjoyed the experience more—he, or his Grandma and Grandpa.

Caleb James—teaching me to live everyday like none of it has ever happened before. . .

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Updates on Ella . . .

Ella is two-and-a-half months old already! —Thought it was time to post a couple of updates from over the course of the past couple of weeks, as well as a few pictures from this morning.

• 11 lbs already!

• First smile, and yesterday, first laugh.

• Sleeps through the night (though not consistently)

• Utterly adores her brother and will smile for him faster than for me or Daddy (though Daddy comes in a close 2nd to Caleb).

• "Talks" constantly—considerably more vocal than Caleb was (which is a little scary considering the word count that comes out of that little boy these days)

• Happiest child I have ever met . . . which of course makes the rest of her family pretty happy too!

Caleb and Daddy

Have I mentioned how much this little boy loves his Daddy?

New House in progress . . .

Since we purchased The Red House in 2005, Aaron and I have know that the beloved piece of North Brainerd History was eventually going to need some serious loving. We put it of, we procrastinated, we patched, and finally we stood back with critical gazes and realized it was time.

And so, three weeks ago, our contracting hero, Christoper Lynch of Lynch Construction, began the arduous task of pulling down rotting siding, replacing damaged structural boards, tacking up tar paper, installing new woodwork and trim as well as several new windows, constructing a new back stoop, putting up new siding, and returning the whole shebang to her original glorious state. To say the least this is an ongoing project of massive proportions and the continual pounding of hammers and wine of saws has Caleb nearly beside himself with excitement.

While our "new house"is still very much in progress, I thought I would post a picture of what she looks like now, naked. And for those who are concerned, don't worry, when all is said and done, she will be red once more.

(Check back for a post on the finished product!)

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Last night was, as Caleb would say, "a doozy."
Caleb came down with some more sick bugs yesterday afternoon and ran a temp most of the night, which meant he needed lots of drinks of water and cuddles (I was happy to comply). But come 2:30am as Ella decided the day had dawned, the whole night began to feel a bit long.

All that said, my darling husband rose at dawn with Caleb who was feeling much better, and allowed me to sleep in. (A HUGE treat!) Even better . . . my two best men decided to make "breakfast" in bed for Mamma. Blueberry muffins.

About 7:30am I hear little feet padding up the stairs . . .

Caleb: "For Mommy?"
Daddy: "Yep, bud, for Mommy."
Caleb: "I bring it to her?"
Daddy: "Yep."
Daddy: "SShhhhhh,Caleb. Not so loud,you'll wake Ella."
Caleb: "I'll wake Ella?"
Daddy: "Yep."

My bedroom door cracks open . . .
Caleb: "You sleepin Mamma?"
Me: "Nope, I'm awake."
Caleb: "I bring you muffin!!!"
Me: "OHHHH CALEB, You are the best boy!"
Caleb: (wide grin) "I snuggle you?"
Me: "Absolutely! Come on up."

And so we did, and all the hours I didn't sleep were quickly forgotten as my little red head cuddled next to me and made sure I ate every bite of my Blueberry Muffin. (Caleb: "but not the wrapper Mommy. Take the wrapper off.")

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ella,2 Months Old!

Mother's Day

I have been a Mommy for three years.
There has never been a more fantastic job.

So Cool

Caleb idolizes Aaron.
When it comes to doing "Manly" things, Aaron is the epitome of perfection in Caleb's mind: raking the yard ("gakein da ard"), helping Mommy, taking out the trash, eating, you name it—Daddy does it best, and Caleb wants to help. Case in point: Aaron recently acquired a fabulous pair of red high-top Converse Sneakers. As a result, Caleb now has a matching set—his "Chuck Taylors." And so, now that we are seeing some nice sun here in central MN, the sunglasses have become a regular part of Aaron's attire. Thus, Caleb too, was seriously deficit until he had a pair of "sunnies" like Daddy. Was there every a greater hero? Rock on.


Caleb is just beginning to sort out the various relationships in his life—making sense of his connections to people and the significance of that. He definitely understands Mommy and Daddy . . . but finds the fact that his Mommy has a Mommy, who is also his Grandma, a little tough. That his Aunties are his Mommy's sisters make sense ("Just like Ella is my sister?" "Yes, just like Ella is your sister.") But Uncles are harder, as he has no brothers. He does however, clearly understand the difference in the importance of his relationships, and has even gone so far as to "rank."
• Mommy and Daddy and Ella fall in the "You are my honeys" category.
• Grammie and Grandpa, and Grandma and Papa fall in the "Can we go to Grandma's house today?" *everyday* category.
• Joshua and Annie (and Aaron's nieces and nephews) fall in the "They are NOT my buddies, they are my COUSINS!" category.
• The immense amount of people he knows and I don't (the kid can remember everyone's name!) fall in the "buddies" category.
• Everyone else: "HELLO PEOPLE!" category . . . as we enter Target, the grocery store, church, etc . . .

Caleb has an unbelievable memory. We can introduce him to someone only once and he will remember who they are upon sight the next time we meet. His ability with people (regardless of the relationship) continually reminds me that God has placed so many wonderful relationships in my life to both bless me and allow me the opportunity to bless . . . that we could all remember to shout "Hello People" in such a delighted voice every time we enter a public place! (Though somehow I think Caleb's greeting would always be better recieved.)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Everything

Caleb and I have a regular tradition: dancing in the kitchen. If I will remember anything in the coming years, when my son towers over me, and I can no longer coerce him into holding me tight around the neck, or listening to me read aloud to him, it will be moments like this. Twirling with Caleb across the sun-drenched kitchen with nothing in the world more important to do.