Saturday, November 21, 2009

Momentary Panic

Caleb: "Hey Mom! Look! I got my hair cut!"(Which is true—he got his hair cut this morning . . . but that it would be so fantastic is somehow alarming, especially as I remember that I left my scissors lying on the table . . . all of this didn't dawn on me right away however, as I was distracted with getting graham cracker out of every facial orifice Ella possesses).
Me: "Ya—ya you did bud. You got your hair cut today."
Caleb: *Giggles from under the dining room table.*
Caleb" "Hey Mom, Look! I got my hair cut again!"
Me: *Realization dawns. Drops everything and ever-so-slowly bends to peer beneath the dining room table* "What are you doing?"
Caleb: "Hair cut." *Brandishes scissors with flourish.*
Me: *Races to the scene looking for clumps of red hair or worse.* Nothing.
Caleb: *giggles and grins* "I couldn't make the scissors work."
Me: *hysterical little laugh of relief.* "Hey bud, we only get our hair cut at the hair-cut place, ok?"
Caleb: *with wisdom beyond his years* "But you cut your hair Mommy."
Me: "Ooo. Right." Out of the mouth of babes.